Wandsworth Oasis' shops are the lifeblood of the charity, and the volunteers who work in them are THE most important part of our distinctive and friendly locations around Wandsworth and Lambeth. While we do have some paid members of staff, we couldn't keep our group of charity shops open seven days a week, 365 days a year (pretty much!) without the incredible, dedicated support of our volunteers. They sort and price donations, keep the shops tidy, create window displays, do the admin and cashing up, and provide support at fundraising events.

It is because of our wonderful volunteers that we have such a loyal customer and donor base. They know the books certain customers like to read, give advice on clothing, all while gently persuading customers that they really do want that little knick-knack!

Our volunteers are all very different and join us for different reasons. Each demonstrates how the Wandsworth Oasis ethos plays a role in the local community, in a way that perhaps larger charity shops can’t. It’s that oasis of support thing again: reaching out and back again in all directions.