Since Oasis was formed back in 1989,we have given away more than £1 million in grants to other charities and those working with people living with HIV or undertaking prevention work. 

You can support Wandsworth Oasis by bringing things in to the shops for us to sell. You can also donate money to us or support us on our various events and challenges. But what do we do with the money?


Our Grants scheme

Wandsworth Oasis exists to raise money for others, not for ourselves. We encourage organisations involved with the local community and working in HIV prevention or support to apply for a grant so that we can contribute to helping those in most need.

We will announce when the new round of applications can be submitted. 

If you are interested, you can find out more info here.

Listed below are projects and organisations who received grants through our last round of funding.

The Food Chain £10,000

 A contribution to the production of personalised nutritional support for up to 80 people in South London boroughs.

Wandsworth Oasis had earlier contributed to their “Save the Food Chain” campaign, which had been successful.

Body & Soul £8,442

“Transforming Adversity” project

Designed to provide 1:1 and group support to Wandsworth and Lambeth residents living with HIV helping them to develop resilience to overcome adversity and trauma. 

NAM £8,728

Produce and broadcast aidsmapLIVE

A panel discussion event on HIV intended to improve the health and wellbeing of underserved communities such as women, trans people and people from BAME communities.  The project aims to reach at least 12,500 people. 

The Courtyard Clinic at St George's Hospital £10,000

To continue providing and expanding the massage therapy service offered within the HIV service.

As this highly valued service is always oversubscribed with usually a three months wait.  The grant enables them to increase accessibility by offering 624 sessions a year instead of the 384 currently – giving patients the opportunity of an extra 240 available sessions.

Spectra £9,343

 ‘Challenge Stigma: promote Inclusion’

CSI project to challenge stigma and promote inclusion to improve understandings of gender, identity, sexuality and diversity.  The project will look at stigma around HIV, health-seeking/ sexual health behaviours, and Diversity. Spectra’s strength is recognising and valuing difference/ diversity, and within this diversity - the common thread is humanity.

Spectra will work with young people aged 14 to 17 years of age, in youth groups and Pupil Referral Unit (PRUs) in Wandsworth and Merton, South West London.

Positive East £10,000

A contribution to the costs associated with their café 

Wandsworth LGBT Forum £10,000

A continuation fund for the Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Coffee morning at the Furzedown Project to run from 2019 - 2021.

Riverhouse Trust £10,000

Support for their Peer-lunches project

Provides a freshly prepared, healthy three-course home cooked meal 5 days each week. The beneficiaries for t are isolated older people with HIV, mostly living alone and aged 60-85, for whom this is likely the main, or only, meal each day.

These are some of the wonderful projects and organisations who received grants through our funding in 2017.

56 Dean Street £6,000

Let's Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

A monthly forum for talking about sex and/or drug use in the modern gay male community of London. In association with 56 Dean Street, supported by Wandsworth Oasis.

Body and Soul £4,720

Active Minds, Active Souls

Part funding of the Active Minds, Active Souls programme, which aims to improve the holistic well-being, health and quality of life for people affected by HIV and their families.

Cara Trust £29,891

Technical health and welfare project

Support for the most vulnerable people living with HIV - seed funding for a technical health and welfare project for the over-50s.

Courtyard Clinic at St Georges £18,000

LGBTQ wellbeing service

To establish a once a week LGBTQ wellbeing service at the Courtyard, harnessing individual and community resources to support people living with HIV in an holistic way, whilst attending to the wider health and prevention needs of those who are HIV negative.

Courtyard Clinic at St Georges £5,000

Massage Therapy

Continuation of massage therapy programme for 70 patients living with HIV. This funding is now in its fourth year.

Food Chain £11,705

Packages of Nutrional care and support

Packages of nutritional care and support for 69 people living with HIV who are referred in acute nutritional crisis.

London Friend £5,000

Creation of Chemsex network

Creation of a chemsex and HIV network within London drug treatment services and drug workers. Funds to set up secretariat, promotion and at least two training events.

Mildmay Hospital £12,000

Computer support

Second Tranche of Funding for Computer Support for rehabilitatation.

NAM £10,125

Production of new pamphlet Getting Older with HIV and updating Sideffects

Postive East £6,000

Holistic Support Groups

Experts by Experience: 6 x monthly holistic support groups for people living with/affected by HIV (2 existing and 4 new groups - women, African mixed gender, young gay men, older gay men, newly diagnosed and serodiscordant couples).

Positively UK £7,000

One-to-One support

Delivering one-to-one and group peer support for people living with HIV. These services often provide the first opportunity for people living with HIV to meet another person who has received an HIV diagnosis and talk openly about it without fear of discrimination or stigma.

Positively UK £3,000

Wellbeing Days

To run a rigorous evaluation of piloting a new programme of Peer Wellbeing Days for trans women living with HIV, which we are planning on running in partnership with cliniQ.

Salvation Army Wandsworth £5,000

Hardship Fund