Collection Service 

Wandsworth Oasis will come to your home to collect your unwanted furniture following social distancing guidelines – we are one of the very few charities in London offering this service. 

Please remember though that we can only collect from areas within a reasonable distance of the shops, within a 6 mile radius. 

Please only donate saleable items - if you would not buy it, do not donate it - it will cost us money to dispose of it and we really cannot afford to do that. Once you have booked in your collection someone from our collections team will be in touch to check your items are in a saleable condition and ask for photos. 

Please be 100% sure at the time of booking your collection and honour your booking slot. We will be charged for cancellations that are less than 24 hours notice. For any changes to your booking please email [email protected] 

Please note our collections team are unable to collect dismantled items. Please make sure items are in one piece and ready for collection. We do not collect dismantled IKEA furniture. 

We love items in good condition

Collections are reserved for items that are too bulky or heavy to be brought into the shop yourself - beds, cabinets, tables, that sort of thing.

Please make sure that they are in good condition and not broken. 

For sofas and mattresses with beds we can only take these if they have a Fire Safety Label. If the items aren’t up to scratch, you can have them disposed of by your local council instead.

We'll make every attempt to get to you on your chosen date, but all bookings are provisional - we need to make sure we have room in our shops and that we'll be able to sell your items to benefit the charity.

We are really pleased to be working with Boxmove Limited.  Boxmove has been established for three years and in that time they have completed over 30,000 charity collections and deliveries. That’s a lot of furniture!