We love working with supporters to come up with creative ways to engage new people, introduce new customers to our shops and raise some money for our cause at the same time. If you have a fundraising idea, drop us a line and we'll be in touch. World AIDS Week (the last week in November) or World AIDS Day (December 1st), when HIV is in the news, are always good times to raise money.

Organise a 'Bring to Work Week'

We are always really grateful for donations for our shops, so why not organise a 'Bring to Work Week' where colleagues bring a carrier bag of items they no longer need? Great publicity for your company and an easy way to do CSR. We can also let you have a collection box, some red ribbons and, of course, we'll come and collect.

Sell Red Ribbons around World AIDS Day

If you work in a medium to large company or know the manager of a local pub, do ask if we can sell red ribbons - the international symbol for HIV awareness and support - in the run up to World AIDS Day on December 1st. We can supply the ribbons and collection tin.

Host a Product Party

Many jewellery and cosmetic companies, franchises or distributors make a living doing product parties in people's homes. They are usually very happy to give a percentage of the evening's sales either to the party host or to a charity chosen by the host (and often they throw in a gift for an upcoming charity raffle). We can come along and or provide information about what we do and where the money goes if you'd like.

Source Raffle Prizes for us

We are always on the look out for prizes for raffles and tombolas.  Please mention this to your friends - unwanted Christmas presents are great for tombola prizes and local restaurants are great supporters of charity raffles.

Or, if you'd like to do something a little bit more active, check out our charity challenges or choose your own and raise money that way.