Nutrition for Body & Soul

Since receiving our grant of £11,705 in December 2016, The Food Chain has directly helped 176 people from across London and their 79 dependents access emergency food and advice in HIV nutrition tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.  In line with their grant's objectives, they have given support to 69 people living with HIV and their 30 dependents, 8  of whom are Wandsworth residents. 

  • 469 grocery deliveries were arranged for the benefit of 138 households – these deliveries represent 14,028 equivalent meals made up of balanced, common and inexpensive food items tailored to the nutritional, household and medical needs.
  • 644 meals were served at our Eating Together communal meal service to 97 individual service users. In addition to sharing a meal with their peers, they also accessed signposting information from supportive community links. We also ensured that attendees could stock up on leftover food as well as store cupboard ingredients and occasional fresh ingredients donated by local businesses to offer people respite from the worry of finding the next meal.
  • 62 individual service users accessed practical knowledge in HIV nutrition as they attended our communal meals and class series in HIV nutrition. Altogether 30 informal short talks or in-depth classes were ran in relation to specific themes such as how to cook on a budget and keep eating during periods of ill-health, or learning about portion sizes and the benefits of calcium.

The FoodChain's impact on people's lives

  • 93% found their personalised nutritional services helpful and supportive
  • 85% gavetheir grocery service a score of 5/5
  • 88% reported that they are still usingtheir personalised shopping lists to help them with their meal planning
  • 67% found that their overall physical and mental wellbeing had improved as a result of feeling able to cook for themselves and eating more nutritious food
  • 56% reported that their adherence to medication had improved as a result of better understanding their medical and dietary needs.