New Year, new decade, it's a time when we all reflect on the things we want to achieve and the changes we want to make. Many of us reach the second week in January and give up on the prospect of going to the gym every single day and on only eating cruciferous veg, so this year, switch it up! Here's some New Year's Resolutions ideas for an environmentally and socially friendly 2020.


Idea #1

Who loves wandering leisurely round a handful of charity shops on a Saturday morning, then indulging in a coffee whilst admiring your pre-loved treasures? We do!

Next time your meeting a friend, introduce them to the excitement of discovering a forgotten treasure and the joy of a unique shopping experience. You'll have loads of fun having a rummage and help the environment by not buying new. You'll probably learn some new things about each other too. Share the joy of charity shopping this year. 

Idea #2

Is saving money up there on your list of New Year's Resolutions? Here's an idea: only buy clothes from a charity shop this year. 

You will be amazed at how much money you'll save, plus you can feel extra smug about raising funds for great causes AND helping the environment by not buying new. 336 thousand tonnes of clothing ended up in landfill in 2017, * Many pieces of clothing may have only been worn once or twice and will still have lots of life left in it. If designer clothing is your bag, head to one of the gorgeous boutique style charity shops, you'll find some unique pieces at the snip of the original price. 

*Textiles Market Situation Report 2019- WRAP

Idea #3

Meeting new people is a favourite New Year's resolution. Add a pinch of learning a new skill and a dash of your free time, and you have a twist on the traditional goal: volunteer in a charity shop!

Even if just for a day a month, you will be a part of the biggest voluntary movement in the UK, contributing to brilliant and worthwhile causes, helping to raise funds for children, animals, cures and much more. You will meet lots of new people and give something back to the community as the same time. You could make someone's day just by giving them a warm smile. Be a part of something incredible, volunteer in a charity shop this year.

Idea #4

We know they mean well, but another scarf/hat/gloves (insert gift here)?! It's the season of giving after all, but in Marie Kondo's words, if it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it. A good clear out after Christmas is a top priority in terms of resolutions for many people. 

Up the ante - donate these (very much appreciated) but unwanted gifts to your local charity shop. Someone will find them useful, and you don't have to feel bad about shoving the scarf from Great Auntie Sue in the back of the cupboard for the fourth year running, as it will be raising money for a great cause.