Moving home is often considered to be one of the most stressful life events you can undertake and given the amount of things you already have to do, making sure that any of your old items make their way to charity shops and ensuring you move in the most ethical way possible can easily be something that slips off of your checklist. That’s why local removal company (and regular donors to Wandsworth Oasis) Ois Removals have put together some top tips to make sure you move home in the most ethical and least wasteful way possible.


From ditching old furniture, throwing out clothes, getting rid of removal boxes and using materials such as tape and bubble wrap – moving home can create a vast amount of waste that is often dealt with by removal companies who offer to clear your clutter as part of the service when you move home. However, do you know where this stuff ends up and do you really have time to find out while you’re trying to move home?


Unfortunately, many removal companies get rid of this stuff in the quickest & cheapest way possible -  that means that it often ends up in the tip. Without being sorted, without saving any items that could be used by someone else and without the care necessary to reuse or recycle materials where possible.


Here are a few best practises to follow when moving home to ensure you do it as ethically and ecologically as possible:


Sort your stuff: Just because you have items of furniture, clothing or other items that have reached the end of their life with you, this doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t use them. Make sure you have sorted the items you will be disposing of into: Keep, donate, recycle and finally; waste.


Large items to donate? Wandsworth Oasis can collect: If you have large items that you think are good enough to be resold for charity, but you can’t get them to the shop yourself. Consider that some charity organisations, such as Wandsworth Oasis, can collect these items from your home. You can click here to book a collection with Wandsworth Oasis.


Dealing with the food cupboards: We collect a wide range of food that we end up sticking at the back of the cupboard and not eating. If you’ve found food that you think is only good for the bin, why not check with your local food bank to see if they will accept it.


Use reusable or recyclable boxes: The amount of boxes that are used when moving home are vast. If you’re using plastic boxes then make sure you can reuse them for other purposes, alternatively source recyclable cardboard boxes and even better, boxes that are made from recycled materials. All good removal companies can provide boxes and packing materials for you.


Dealing with boxes after you move: You will end up with lots of cardboard boxes after your move and while it’s great to recycle, reusing is actually far better for the planet. Consider donating your boxes to any neighbours who might be moving soon. You can use a local website such as NextDoor, or a local page on Facebook to find new neighbours and make new friends while you’re at it. Decent removal companies such as Ois Removals will come back to collect the removal boxes so that they can be used again.


Hire a removal company that will do the hard work for you: Unlike many other removal companies, Ois Removals try to be as ethical as possible and promise to always do the following:


  • Help you plan your move: We have an extensive FAQ section on our website and even provide a free removal checklist.
  • Donate resalable items to charity: We are regular visitors to Wandsworth Oasis.
  • Collect your cardboard removal boxes from your new home.
  • Reuse any packing materials possible: From boxes to bubble wrap to ropes and blankets.
  • Dispose of waste correctly: Any items or materials that can’t be reused or recycled are sorted and disposed of properly.


If you are looking to move home and would like to get a free, no obligation quote from Ois Removals, just visit their website and fill in a few details. Alternatively, you can call on 020 8944 9713 or email [email protected]