In our second edition of the monthly blogs we are writing for the Tooting Daily PRSS, Gill Perkins, our CEO, shares her advice on decluttering, how it can improve your home, and how it’ll help the environment (and local charities). 

It’s officially Spring and therefore the time when many people put their homes up for sale in search of pastures new. Some are upsizing; some are downsizing; and some are moving to completely different areas for a variety of reasons (although why would people want to move away from Tooting?!). Whatever the reason for the move, it is important to remember that first impressions count.

So, dare to declutter! Take advantage of that natural instinct to have a good clear out at this time of year. Clutter makes space seem much smaller, so take the opportunity to find a new home for all those things you don’t really need out on display – either put them away (treat yourself to some of those vacuum storage bags for excess bedding and clothing – they really save space); donate to your local charity shop; give ‘special’ items to that friend who has long admired something; or, if you really can’t bear to part with your things, put them in temporary storage nearby.

Think before you throw things in to the dustbin – does it deserve to go in to landfill or could it benefit someone else? Could it be reused, reloved or recycled? Most charity shops can recycle ripped and torn clothing and old damaged books for cash for their cause. Check with your favourite shop before you drop things off. But if it really is rubbish, don’t take it to your local charity shop – it costs all charity shops a fortune to dispose of rubbish and that means we can’t help as many of our beneficiaries as we would like. 

Now you are ready to ‘stage’ your property. You’ve decluttered, but not depersonalised completely. People are often buying into a lifestyle as much as a property. Show them the attractive side of your lifestyle. Apart from anything else, it gives unimaginative buyers suggestions as to what they might do. And if you think you have a quirky style that prospective buyers won’t like, do consider using your local charity shop to help create the look you want – you can easily accessorise with vases (for the all- important flowers), fruit bowls (the only item to be left out in the kitchen according to the experts!) and a vintage lamp or two to create that all important warm glow in the bathroom or study. Like the examples in the pictures? All the accessories were bought at Wandsworth Oasis!

So, dare to declutter and beautify your home. You’ll be helping a great cause and the environment too!