This week's Positive People blog is by The Mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Jane Cooper. Good friend and supporter of Wandsworth Oasis.  

What will we all remember about 2020?

In ten years' time, people may look back and ask what we did during the great Covid-19 lockdown, and ask if it compared to the daily threats during the Blitz of heading to air raid shelters to "keep safe."

Whilst the fear of what is to come, and how long it may all last may be common to during WWII, the instructions to "stay home, protect the NHS and Save Lives" are not really that difficult to obey, or are they?"

“Sitting in my lovely home looking out at my beautiful flower boxes, with the sun streaming in through the windows, I think I’m very lucky. However, once that brief moment has passed, I feel some wistfulness (disappointment) that I cannot be outside with friends, colleagues or residents, enjoying that sunshine and the many interesting parts of Wandsworth - and can only look forward to the prospect of going out for a walk later in the day with my neighbour’s dog.

During my daily walk, I normally follow the same route and it has been interesting to see how many children and possibly parents have been making decorations for their windows which have given so much pleasure to those walking by.
I walk past my friend’s house and as he has to stay in for 12 weeks, we converse by telephone  through his front window - at a distance of more than 2 metres - and he often remarks who is the doggy in the window?

The vast majority of people have been very good at social distancing, apart from so many of the joggers -  and these are the people who make me very cross. Why on earth do 90% of them feel that they can run so closely past pedestrians because social distancing does not apply to them!

But it is amazing how obedient the majority of my neighbours have been in following the rules which are so important for all of us.
My next door neighbours tell me of a strange incident which happened on Saturday evening, when the police arrived outside their front door, saying they had received information that they were having a barbecue for 60 in the back garden! As I live next door I was well aware that there was no barbecue going on, but yes, there were seven people in the garden because seven of them live in the same house!
So, who made this malicious phone call? There are many very good people out there as I have experienced over the last few weeks but there are some very strange ones too!

I’m going to spend much of my time inside, like so many others, decluttering. Having lived in this house for over 40 years it is amazing what I have accumulated. There is the instant electric ice bucket that I only used once, and how did I end up with six irons and three fabric defuzzers!
I even found a book about decluttering that I bought in America over 20 years ago!
I’ve also found some very interesting cutlery and objets d’art and this is when I so miss having dear Patrick around, because he would know what these things were used for.

Gill will be very pleased I am doing this because I will have at least two suitcases full of items to take down to Oasis when the shop is open as before.

As Mayor, I have been busy 'phoning various charities, organisations etc to see how they are faring and to find out if there’s any help I can offer them. I’ve also been recording a number of videos to thank the various charities, schools and staff for all the great work that they are doing, as well as calling people who are fully socially isolated.

The day goes by rather quickly, and I have a set routine where, after returning from walking the dog, I have a cocktail which I drink "virtually" with my neighbour over the road while we talk by telephone and then my husband serves a lovely dinner which I eat with him and our lodger. After dinner, we put on old records on the old radiogram, light candles, have interesting conversations and return to another era.
So, to the questioner in 2030, asking about life during the lockdown, I would say that “the stay at home” rules are forcing us to live at a slower pace and be more reflective about our lives - which can’t be a bad thing.