Bogged down and burdened by clutter, yet want the peace of mind your unwanted items will be responsibly disposed? Wandsworth Oasis turns clutter into opportunities, by providing support to - and challenging the stigma towards - those living with HIV.

Using revenue generated from the eleven charity shops located in south London, as well as fundraiser events, they have given over £1 million in grants to HIV-related projects and organisations during the last ten years alone.

This 4-step guide is designed to help identify your clutter and treasures which enable you to live a clutter free life and turn clutter into opportunities.

Step 1. Identify your clutter

Clutter are things that don’t add value to your life, considered no longer relevant and stop you from living the life you want.

Write down 5 things you consider clutter

What is my clutter?







Step 2. Identify your treasures

Decluttering removes obsolete items and allows for the things you love and treasure to shine through.

Write down 5 things you love and treasure

What are my treasures?







Step 3. Ethically declutter

  • Organise your tools
  • Start small
  • Sort items
  • Only put back what you need
  • For more information check out How to declutter

Step 4. Responsibly dispose and do good for the planet

You have made the decision to declutter your home so why not turn your unwanted items into opportunities for yourself and other. With the War on Plastic and the Extinction Rebellion drawing the world’s attention to the truth behind our waste, it’s time to rethink the environmental impact all our stuff has on the planet, it’s not just plastic and clothes that add to our carbon footprint.

The trick is to not stock pile your clutter at the front door or in the boot of your car, you have made the decision it let go and to make your life easier.

Check out Wandsworth Oasis and our Useful Links page and do good for the planet.