Instead of a New Year’s resolution, why not start the school year with an Autumn resolution and get involved with #SecondHandSeptember!

All you need to do is to not buy any new clothes for 30 days, only buy second hand clothes in your local charity shop and donate your pre-loved items. The aim is to curb our fast fashion habits and change the way we shop for the sake of the planet. Did you know research has shown that the UK is the fourth largest producer of textile waste in Europe?

Such a simple swap in shopping habits really has the ability to make a huge difference. By donating items and shopping with Wandsworth Oasis, you’ll be reinvesting your money to help support those organisations involved with the local community and working in HIV prevention.

Here are our 5 top tips to help you support #SecondHandSeptember:

  1. Declutter your wardrobe

We believe that opening your wardrobe should be like going to a party where everyone you see is someone you like! Taking the time to declutter your wardrobe will free up space, make you feel happier and save you time getting ready each day.

To declutter for #SecondHandSeptember, sort through one category of clothes at a time. For example, T-shirts, then long-sleeve tops, then jumpers etc. Gather all the items in each category together (remember what's in the laundry). Then pick up each item and ask yourself: do I really love and wear this? It helps to pick out your top 3 favourite pieces in each category so you can compare the other items against them.

This process will help you see where there are gaps in your wardrobe and to streamline it to so that you only have items in your wardrobe you really enjoy wearing.

  1. Donate preloved clothes to charity

Once you have decided what you are letting go of from your wardrobe, get these items out of your home as soon as possible by donating to charity in support of #SecondHandSeptember. Wandsworth Oasis is one of the few charities that makes life easier for Londoners and offers home collections so there’s really no excuse not to donate!

Before donating your clothes to charity, ensure that they are clean and without stains. If you would not buy it, don’t donate it as it costs the charity to dispose of it, which is unaffordable for them. If you have clothes which are not in good condition, find your nearest textile recycling bank here and drop them off there instead.

  1. Shop second-hand

Once you’ve decluttered, you may find you have a few gaps in your wardrobe. Never shopped second-hand before? #SecondHandSeptember is a great time to give it a go! You will be helping to extend the life of garments, reducing each item’s environmental footprint and lowering the overall demand for new clothing to be produced. You will also be donating to a great cause so you can feel good about your shopping trip for once!

  1. Up-cycle old clothes

Being able to see at a glance what you have in a clutter-free wardrobe means you can be more creative. We are consuming clothing at an unsustainable rate so instead of buying new versions, look at how you can refresh clothes in your wardrobe to give them another lease of life. It might be that you need to get an item taken in or shortened so it’s more flattering. Or you could try home-dyeing tired white T-shirts or cutting jeans to turn them into shorts. Having a clutter-free wardrobe also enables you to be more creative and mix and match different outfits to refresh your look.

  1. Change online buying habits

To help you make these changes last longer than 30 days, make a few changes in your buying habits. Declutter your inbox and unsubscribe from emails which encourage you to buy fast fashion. Leave items in your shopping baskets for a few days so you are not tempted to ‘emotionally buy’, such as, when you’re stressed. Diarise time ahead of events such as weddings, parties to allow yourself more time to shop for outfits sustainably to reduce impulse buys.

We hope these tips help you with your #SecondHandSeptember challenge! Please share this article with your friends to help our planet! And if you need a hand to declutter or organise your wardrobe or any part of your home, don’t forget you can quickly find a professional organiser to help you on Folllow us on Instagram and Facebook for motivation and tips @declutterondemand.