While Wandsworth Oasis aims to support and de-stigmatise those who are HIV-positive, and inform people as to how they can protect themselves from the disease, we do not directly provide health or prevention services. Instead, we direct our efforts and resources towards three main areas:

Our charity shops

Fundraising activities


Wandsworth Oasis values 

  • We are all equal - everyone is different, everyone is welcome and everyone is treated with respect.
  • We are one charity and one team - no matter which area of the charity we work in, we will always help a colleague out if we can. The charity is our common focus.
  • We are trustworthy and caring - we must keep the charity's most valuable assets (people, stock and cash) safe at all times.
  • We value our community- we love local. We engage positively with our local area (businesses, residents, community groups etc) for mutual benefit.
  • We love creativity and innovation - we listen to everyone's ideas on how we can increase awareness and raise money to support our cause.