Oasis grant recipient, The Cara Trust, is currently looking for more home-sharers.

The scheme, part of the Homeshare UK network, offers heavily discounted rent to those willing to give 10 hours a week while living with an elderly or infirm HIV-positive host.

For the hosts, it means a pair of helping hands for everyday tasks like shopping and cleaning, as well as a good source of company. For those moving in, it can be a great way of living in the city at an affordable rate, while simultaneously making a real difference to somebody else's quality of life.

The Cara Trust has been in existence since 1988 but has only been running its Home-Share scheme for a few months, so is eager to reach out to those who it may benefit.

If you'd like to know more, please email Alex Huggins - [email protected] - or call 07587132064.