We have a superb range of up-cycled bikes for adults and children on sale at 308 Battersea Park Road from £70. The Perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. the bikes are fully refurbished with some top Brands such as Trek, Ridgeback and Raleigh available.

Our bikes are supplied by Recycle your Cycle, an innovative programme that refurbishes bicycles in partnership with the HM Prison Service in the UK. Bicycle repair workshops are being set up within the prison service to assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners. These workshops provide technical and work skills for the prison students which will hopefully assist with their employment prospects. The resale of refurbished bicycles in turn supports numerous worthwhile causes including Wandsworth oasis.

We have a high turnover of bikes in our Battersea shop so it is best to visit 308 Battersea Park Road to find your perfect gift for christmas