Between October 2019 and November 2021, there were 233 massage sessions received by 59 patients at the Courtyard Clinic.

Out of 286 sessions offered, there were 53 occasions when patients did not attend on the day.

Patient Feedback

These are some of the comments patients made after their third session.

"I felt very well in myself after my sessions"

"It is excellent. I appreciate the service so much. Nick is superb."

"One of the best services the Courtyard offers."

One of our 60 year old patients has been coming to the Courtyard clinic since 2012.

She presented with chronic pain in her lower back and leg and believed these "nerve pains" were caused by an aggressive biopsy carried out 10 years previously. She used a crutch to help her get around and also presented with signs of anxiety.

I first saw this patient for a one off treatment and then for three further consecutive sessions.

Her anxiety seemed to express itself in extended discussions about how she would receive the massage; whether lying on the couch, sitting upright in the chair, or leaning forward on the head support. She came across as feeling distrustful of the treatment and around a third of the time would be spent in these discussions. I listened to her concerns and acted on them appropriately with the aim of building trust, offering her a further series of sessions.

Though progress was slow, after several sessions the patient experienced what she termed "a magical release". She said that all the pain had gone from her right arm. From then on, the patient became totally at ease within the sessions, there were no longer any discussions and she was able to relax and enjoy the therapy.

Whilst the patient continued to complain of pain, the crutch she used had now gone; she was stronger, more mobile and able to enjoy life more.

Nick Rathbone – Massage Therapist