Alan possesses a wealth of experience in both retail management, contract negotiation, and operational excellence making him a highly accomplished professional in these domains.

 With a varied background in the retail industry, Alan has honed his skills in various facets of retail operations. He has a keen eye for identifying market trends and customer preferences, allowing him to make data-driven decisions which boost sales performance. His commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has resulted in the establishment of long-lasting relationships with customers, fostering loyalty and trust.

 As a skilled negotiator Alan’s confidence and expertise has enabled him to lead negotiations with partners and stakeholders, achieving successful outcomes for the organisations he represents. He has a keen ability to analyse financial data, spend habits, and customer demographics to identify optimal locations for new store openings, showcasing his strategic approach to contract negotiation and decision-making.

 On joining Wandsworth Oasis Alan said: “I feel that my input on a professional level must benefit others on a personal one and volunteering is fundamental to that. Wandsworth Oasis delivers and supports vital work in our local community, and I’m thrilled to be able to play my part in that.