Since December 2016  27 unique Wandsworth residents have accessed Body & Soul a total of 179 times. Additionally, they have made 270 support calls, delivered 65 hours of 1:1 therapies and counselling sessions, and 41 hours of 1:1 casework and advocacy support, all for Wandsworth residents.

Their service users tell them that Body & Soul is one of the few places where they feel safe and are able to talk about HIV. THeir services remain essential for Wandsworth residents, and our service-users across London, to access holistic, non-judgemental support. Here are a few comments from their service users to illustrate the importance of our services:

I love this place, it's like my second home

Since coming to Body & Soul I have been able to meet friends with the same illness and have a good support group

I had stopped going out prior to Body & Soul and now I have a weekly event that I look forward to


Wandsworth residents have benefitted from group workshops, health & wellbeing seminars, 1:1 therapies, casework and advocacy support, remote peer support, and employment coaching. These programmes have supported Wandsworth residents living with HIV to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 89% feel that they have more knowledge around health management
  • 80% are more confident expressing their thoughts and feelings
  • 88% have a better support network thanks to coming to Body & Soul
  • 81% have expressed that they feel happier
  • 92% of Wandsworth residents know more about HIV
  • 82% are better at taking their medication, and 80% feel less lonely and isolated.

The Wandsworth residents we supported this year were between 4-58 years of age, 65% were female, and 35% were male. The demographic range of attendees was as follows: 15 Black African, 4 Black British, 4 Mixed Heritage, 2 Black Caribbean, and 2 White members.

Meet Brenda

Brenda (not her real name) is a Wandsworth resident, 53 years of age, and has been accessing Body & Soul since 2009. Brenda has severe mobility issues which require her to use crutches at all times.

Brenda recently informed us that she was often in a lot of pain and so we were able to offer her a course of reiki treatments which then developed into a holistic massage once Brenda felt comfortable with this form of hands-on therapy. Brenda has reported back to our masseuse and Therapies Coordinator, that these therapies have helped her to relax, which has decreased the pain and tension in her body.  Additionally, these therapies led to Brenda showing more interest in our physical health workshops, and in August of this year she attended a session on the benefits and barriers to movement. This year alone Brenda has participated in 13 workshops through our Adult Service evenings including: ‘Dealing with disappointment’, ‘Understanding my HIV Treatment’, and ‘Nutrition: Warming Winter salads’.

We will continue to provide Brenda with 1:1 complimentary therapies, and look forward to seeing her participate in and learn from our range of health and wellbeing workshops.