Mzz Kimberley invites you to LIFE, stamping out transphobia one strut at a time. Join her in celebrating the beauty and power of trans models and performers as they slay on the catwalk and showcase their amazing talents.  

Wandsworth Oasis are proud to be providing the fashion show clothing and accessories for the event.

There will be a raffle with exciting prizes to enter on the day (more details to be shared soon)

This fashion show will amplify the work CliniQ does and raise money for them to continue their life saving work. CliniQ is the first Trans organisation led by Trans people & for Trans people. Delivering sexual health and holistic well-being services.

In 2010 Michelle Ross, Milo and Graham Reed began meeting to discuss ideas for a trans health space. The following year they then started talks with Martin and others at 56 Dean Street clinic and began meeting to discuss setting up a sexual health service specifically for the trans and non-binary communities. More organisations including London Friend, Antidote, and GALOP, joined and the ground-breaking idea developed into setting up a broader, holistic well-being clinic for trans and non-binary people and their family and friends.

In 2011 Project Q carried out a survey amongst young trans people to assess the need for a trans only clinic. More than a quarter had experienced biphobia, transphobia or homophobia at a clinic and another quarter had had their gender identity disrespected.

In January 2012, training for cliniQ team began, which encouraged staff to look at their own ideas about gender, to use appropriate terminology, to learn about the implications of surgery or hormones on sexual health, and which then gave a grounding in the laws and issues which might affect them and trans clients. cliniQ opened at the 56 Dean Street clinic on 15 February 2012.

Hosted by Sabah Choudrey 

Sabah is a hairy brown transgender Muslim and likes talking and writing and feelings. Sabah co-founded Trans Pride Brighton in 2013, winner of the Best Trans Event in Brighton (2014, 2015) and nominated for Best Trans Event at the National Diversity Awards (2016). They have worked with queer, trans and non-binary youth since 2014 with Allsorts Youth Project, Metro Charity and Gendered Intelligence from Brighton to London, and formed networks for BAME LGBTQ Youth Workers and Youth across the UK.

Makeup and hair will be managed by Gozra Lozano with the amazing team from BAMM FASHION

Gozra Lozano is a prolific celebrity makeup artist whose work in fashion, advertising, TV and the music industry expands nearly 2 decades. Gozra began his career as part of the original MAC Senior makeup artist team and ambassador for Makeup Forever before starting a successful freelance career.

Gozra has worked in Fashion shows such as Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen to mention but a few! From British Marie Claire to American Vogue, and personal Makeup artist to the Pussy Cat Dolls, Gozra has become a well-known name within the fashion world.

Styling managed by Tamer Wilde

Tamer is a creative, visual and highly result-orientated fashion industry professional with a record of founding and being part of critically acclaimed and award winning projects. With work featured in Harper’s Bazaar men’s style China, Esquire China, Baku, LOVE magazine, I-D magazine, GQ Style, Wonderland magazine, Stimuli magazine, commercial work for Cutler & Gross and Swarovski including developing the aesthetic identity for Sony music artists.

Headline media partner is PinkNews

PinkNews is the brand for the global LGBT+ community and the next generation. PinkNews stands for the fundamental rights of the entire LGBT+ community and it's allies. Acknowledging individual experience and work to represent a diverse and intersectional community. 

Models in the show come from various parts of the Trans community and include professional models, artists, filmmakers,performers and every day people. Models have been sourced from charities, collectives and Para Pride. 

Check out their fantastic interview on London Live.

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18+ ID required . Children welcome but must be accompanied by an adult who is 18+.

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