We are excited to team up with Lucien Jack to bring back the best of international comedy with the 2nd Annual Brexitvision!

Taking place on Friday 21st February 2020 from 8pm at The Two Brewers in Clapham, 12 comedians from 12 different nations will be presenting comedy routines inspired by their homelands.

There will also be a guest performance from last year's runner up*, Poland's very own Karolina Machnicka.

The winner of Brexitvision will win a UK passport (to hold for a maximum of 24 hours), a bottle of British wine, and the right to headline next year's competition (should we avoid being sued by a similar sounding competition).

Expect voting riggery, audience participation, singalongs, and possible crudeness; but most importantly, laughs as big as the UK's deficit!

100% of all tickets sold come to Wandsworth Oasis, raising money for people living with HIV in the Wandsworth area.

* Last year's winner, Vlad Ilich from North Macedonia, is performing a TV gig in Italy.

And we are proud to announce that comedians from the following nations are being represented this year:

Afghanistan - Emal Saifi
Bangladesh - Yazzy Yaz
Chile - Silvia Di
Czech Republic - Lucie Ingram
Germany - The Samuel Ch. Zernig Experience
Jamaica - Annameka Andrade
Norway - Pernille Haaland
Slovakia - Rene Vrabel
Thailand - Kat Kasisopa
United States - Brandon Burke
Wales - Vix Leyton Stands Up
Zimbabwe - Tadiwa Mahlunge